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Make it Truly You(Frameshaped)
  • Make it Truly You(Frameshaped)

    In this section you will help me to bring an item of your imagination in to life. Come make creations with me!  *** NOTE: You may only choose one size or bezel at a time per peice of jewelry you're making. ***


    Framed has a metal preshaped 'frame' that is used

    Free has a preshaped mold and a colored edge if chosen


    How to create jewelry: 

    • Select your color

    • Select Size(frame) OR bezel from the drop down menu

    • Select Bezel type if applicable or select non

    • Select your preferred finishing look

    • Finally select the piece of jewelry you would like created

    • Type either the number and/or letter if you choose a size

    • Please specify any ^extras

    ^extras subject to additional fees


    ~Jewelry’s final price will be sent to you upon your approval of the design and can not be changed after submission without same day clearance.


      "Want this in turquoise, maybe a solid instead of a glitter? Click HERE to make a request for modifications to pre-made jewelery. Have in mind the name of the peice(s) and how you want it changed"

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